Little White Dress

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? I feel like I'm loving everything basic, and clean lately. Those are the pieces that will last forever. And I'm tired of cheap, throwaway fashion. #canigetanamen?

I recently needed something sleek and chic for a work event and knew that I would be photographed a lot in it, so I went to a major go-to of mine - BCBG.

I immediately fell in love with this dress because it had such a tuxedo, cocktail dress feel, but was also super easy to wear. And I discovered a new love of mine - The Little White Dress! It's as timeless as the Little Black Dress and I know I'll wear this one for years to come.

Don't forget your self tanner (unless you're golden-complexion blessed, which I am not), and I decided to go with easy waves, strong eyes and nude lips - which I think plays nicely against white. (Click for my favorite, and the best faux lashes and an amazing nude lipstick!)

Nude sandals go with everything, almost as much as a super foxy, and supportive friend. (Thanks, Miranda!) 

This dress is no longer avail, but I found some super cute Little White Dress options for you below. (Click the pic to shop!) And check out my instagram for a fun behind the scenes video.