Self Care + Other Necessities (Like Adidas)

Saturday, January 20, 2018

When I made my resolutions and intentions for this year, at the top of my list was self care. I've never put this down on paper as an actual TO DO before and it looked a little funny, sitting there next to the list of other obligations... But I decided to just commit to it, and the impact so far has been profound.

The truth is, I've always put myself way down on the list of priorities. Sure, I'll squeeze in some time between work, clients, kids and household to get a mani-pedi, or get my hair done (blonde takes hours), but for the most part the events that center around "me time" have always been more of a forgotten afterthought to all of the "more important" things that need to get done, the "more important people" who need attending to.

Why is it that as women (and especially mothers) we feel so guilty about doing things that are solely and exclusively for ourselves? And I'm not just talking pedicures and highlights. I'm talking about the real stuff. The things that feed our souls and make us better. In those quiet moments when we can remember who we really are and what brings us peace and happiness, (separate from all of the outside noise and obligations), that's when true joy happens.

Caring for myself makes me so much better in my work, makes me more thoughtful and courageous on the creative side of things, and more positive and energetic on the business side. Caring for myself makes me a better mother, wife, lover and friend and I know that it will prolong my life.

Committing to practices like pilates and mindful meditation has taught me that for anything to really work - you have to, well, commit to it! Put it on a list, put it on your calendar, make time - just freaking do it. So I am. I give myself writing deadlines. I read my book on the hammock for that 20 minute break instead of scrolling through instagram while I scarf down lunch. I showed up at a friend's house last weekend and said "we need to paint." So we did. I reconnected with another friend and took the time to have dinner and really catch up, really listen, and really share with him how much his friendship and support has meant to me through the years... and as we sat across from each other and chatted and laughed through tears, I was filled up. It was a reminder to me that these things need to keep happening. Little pockets of moments for me.

Next on the agenda: MORE MUSIC. MORE ART.

I also have to keep reminding myself that these things are actually the least selfish thing I can do - because it makes me a better version of myself.

I hope you can do some of the same this year. Let's be kind to ourselves!

With Love,

T xx

Side note - Adidas (because, fashion). A long time fashionista friend of mine recently shared about purging some of her shoe wardrobe in exchange for shoes that actually feel good and are comfortable! It inspired me to take a look at my own shoe wardrobe and make some cuts, and purchases. These Adidas Cloud Foam sneakers are a DREAM. I have been wearing them every day since I got them. Talk about self care... they are sooo comfortable! (They have memory foam in them!) I can't wait to wear-them-in even more, and pair them with skirts and dresses come spring.

Bell Sleeve Jacket  - Zara
Adidas Cloud Foam Sneakers - avail at Khol's and Nordstrom Rack 
Adidas Slide Sandals (top pic) - avail here