Family Halloween Costume - Grease

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! In case you're still scrambling for a costume, I've got one for you! We stumbled upon this idea when friends invited us to a sing-a-long at Venice High School, where they filmed the movie, Grease! 

I immediately googled all of the looks and realized we had pretty much everything in our family wardrobe to make this happen. (Bonus that my daughter humored me and dressed up as a matching Bad Sandy.) We curled our hair in rollers and pinned it to the side. I had faux leather jeans that were perfect, and a fitted long-sleeve tee that I just pulled down over my shoulders. Stella had black leggings and an off the shoulder, black top. Don't forget the sexy pumps!

Our friend happened to have a Danny wig which my hubs rocked (lol), but I think you could get away with styling your hubby's hair appropriately. 

My little man was just perfect as a T-Bird because we had already had a leather jacket in his arsenal. He was so into the idea of being a singer, so we went for it. (Maybe he was the "Teen Angel" character?) Don't forget the white tees and jeans for your dude, and you're done! 

Be safe and have fun tonight! xx