Halloween Costume - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Monday, October 29, 2018

We had the chance to dress up a few times this year for Halloween and it's always so much fun to get creative! Even better when I can use my back stock of vintage clothing for an authentic costume!

I've been obsessed with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel since I binge watched it on a rare and free weekend alone over the summer. A 1950's housewife becomes a famous comic when her husband leaves her for his secretary and what better way to cope than to make jokes about it? Meanwhile, she's also FABULOUS. The wardrobe, the makeup, the hair, it's always been a time period I've adored and if you haven't seen it, you need to.

Here was my inspiration:

Women in those days dressed to THE NINES, even to BED. I loved that idea, and was so excited when I realized I had the perfect authentic nightgown to wear, so I went for it!

The only challenge was the hair. I knew I could just retro curl my own, (which I love to do in life anyway - have you bought these Bed Head Bubble Rollers yet?) but to actually look like Mrs. Maisel, it needed to be brown.

I went to a wig shop and found a really great choice, but the price tag (around $60) made me angry, so I decided to get the cheaper wig and just cut it myself. Since the wig was a super long straight wig, and synthetic hair can't be curled, I just chopped and pinned it. I found a silk robe tie that used to be my great-mother in law's and tied it around my wig to further secure it all.

 Some vintage earrings, red lips and blue eye shadow, and I was good to go!

When I showed up to my friend's house and she was Rosie aka "We can do it!" I was giddy. Talk about female empowerment.

Hope you find some glamorous Halloween inspiration!