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Thursday, January 31, 2019

This was our holiday card. The idea popped into my head when my husband and I were watching the news one night, exasperated by the many current issues, our hearts stirring with emotion. How do you raise children in the United States today?

This is how: You teach them to have a voice. You teach your little girl that although we haven't yet had a female President, someday we will - and someday it could be her. You teach your son what it really means to be a feminist - that he is wonderfully unique, but his future is not more important than the little girl's sitting beside him. That when he grows up and works for, or runs a company, his paycheck shouldn't be bigger than his female colleague's, simply because he's a white male. You stand up for equality and equal rights every day by giving your children experiences and friends and languages different than their own. You ask them hard questions. You ask yourself the same. You listen and respect the relatives and friends you may have who believe in carrying weapons, and you ask them with love, to consider fighting for change, not because we want to take away their rights, but because we want stricter background checks and tougher laws. Because our children are worth it.

Stella's tee, my tee, Bodhi's tee (no longer avail), Rick's tee
All photos by Ryan West 

*The below post was originally posted on my Instagram and Facebook page on December 27th, 2018.

Last night while watching Mary Poppins Returns with my two kids at the Cinemark at Howard Hughes, a disturbed person covering their face with a hoodie, came into the theatre, banged on the wall and started yelling at the audience. Nearly everyone jumped up in panic mode, expecting the worst. Expecting gunfire. I covered my son underneath me, knowing that my husband had my daughter. In an instant my thoughts were that I might die, but that I had to get my kids out safely. This is the current "normal" in the country we live in. Even though (thank God) this person didn't have a gun, THIS is simply what we EXPECT now. A beautiful movie and holiday experience turned in to a terrifying one. People running out screaming, my children crying and traumatized. It makes our holiday card seem that much more poignant now. I ask you with love, to consider fighting for change. 

More feelings captured with my sweet girl, and another reason to speak up. The Forbidden Words tee I'm wearing is by Les Lunes and includes Trump's seven forbidden words for CDC to include in their reports for funding. 

I love you, Stella! And mommy is so proud of you! 

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