Women Supporting Women

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hello 2019. Happy to see you go, 2018! Well, except the part that my babies are getting bigger and more amazing every day, and growing up so fast and I wanna press pause to cherish them sometimes. Man, I was hit with a lot of lessons in the '18, some of which slid in at the last second, knocking me beside the head with a slightly painful "hey, you're not going that way!" But sometimes you need a lesson that big to keep you on the right path. 

I’ve been reading Rachel Hollis' book called Girl Wash Your Face and there is a chapter called “I’m better than you” about women judging one another. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with my husband on this one topic. “Why do women do that?” He asks. “Men don’t really do this.” I’ve realized that I’ve been up against some serious judgement in my life over the years and it’s almost always been from another woman. With that said, I've thankfully come across more good than bad. And to those who have been a constant, solid and uplifting relationship in my life, I am so grateful. I have some wonderful girlfriends and colleagues. And that’s something. But still, it stings when it happens to you, and when it does, you have to check yourself, the situation, and what is really going on. 

One recent situation was so ironic because the whole basis of the project was supposed to be about women supporting women... And as I sat there with a woman and listened to her tell me that I was inferior, and not as good as the other women in the project, I realized something, she was just plain being mean. Perhaps I’ll never know why, but I think it has a little, no, a lot to do with perception. If you’re looking to find the worst in someone or something, you’ll usually find it. It wasn’t about me. It never is. What I’ve learned is that when I’ve judged other women, (and we all have) it’s usually due to some issue I have within myself. And to those I’ve ever made feel less than, I’m sorry. Strong women lift one another up! Strong women encourage with kindness and confidence because another woman’s work or success doesn’t intimidate them. So let’s keep working hard, appreciate the good, and put our own kindness where our mouth is. #2019