Getting Good + Two Great Giveaways

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Being busy doesn't quite express the lack of time I've had to dedicate to November Grey lately. And it makes me a little sad. But I know that moving forward is a good thing. I do miss you guys and hope that you're keeping up with my new project when you can.

Some fabulous Facebook giveaways are happening right now! Both items were featured in two of our recent Séchoir videos. A gorgeous pair of earrings made from recycled glass from our Earth Day sponsor & a darling little girl's jeweled headband from Mother Daughter bonding with Etsi.

Pop over to our Facebook and enter your comment there to win. Easy.

Good luck!

Mother Daughter Matching Dresses

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some more snapshots from a very special shoot day on Séchoir, with a very special co-star. {See the video here!}

 Matching Mother/Daughter tie-waist Maxi's c/o Etsi
Mommy's headband - Anthropologie
Stella's headband c/o Etsi
Stella's gold sandals - Old Navy

My Spring Style Video!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Click here to watch the video and shop the look!

Vintage Carolina Herrera Dress

Monday, April 7, 2014

Argh... who needs a professional camera anyway? Nikon still on the fritz, the hubs snapped these iPhone shots of my outfit for a very special dinner and birthday celebration for one of his oldest friends over the weekend.

It was such a fun evening.

Immediately upon returning home, though... I realized why buying vintage can sometimes be tricky. Don't get me wrong - the fact that I scored this gorgeously detailed Carolina Herrera dress for under twenty bucks and it fits me like a glove, is one of those thrifting dreams-come-true. But we (the hubs and I) had some trouble getting me out of it at the end of the night. The zipper was more than a little stuck. It wouldn't budge. And I found myself at that strange, freak-out point where I was pretty near severe claustrophobia and had to get that thing off of me at all costs. So we ripped it. Right down the seam and then some. Tragic, I know. But I have a very good tailor that I'll be bringing a nice, warm cup of coffee to very soon, in hopes that she can save it.

Have a fabulous week!

T xx

Shop Carolina Herrera at Neiman Marcus
Cap Toe Pumps - c/o Sole Society
Clutch - TJ Maxx
Necklace - JewelMint

Feb/March Looks in Review

Friday, April 4, 2014


Please, please forgive me for disappearing around these parts lately.

Two reasons have me silenced a bit:

1. My Nikon BROKE. It's in repairs. Some sort of shutter problem and I'd be more angry about it if I had more time. Which leads me to...

2. Time. Could I have more of it please?

Hope you're all doing lovely and well.

T xx

Some shopping inspiration!

Happy People Are Beautiful People

Casual Uniform

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sometimes I find it funny that I have a closet full of things I love, yet on a casual and busy day, I tend to reach for the same pieces time and time again. Easy jeans, v-neck tee, motorcycle boots and a boyfriend blazer or sweater.

I suppose a "uniform" is anything you feel most yourself in, most comfortable in, and the easiest way to explain the term "effortless."

I'm pretty much obsessed with these boots and will surely wear them until they fall apart. I love Sole Society because they make some seriously great shoes at really affordable prices. 

This sweater was actually a score from a clothing exchange, a super fab girlfriend of mine realized it didn't work for her and passed it along. I gave up some gems I never wore and everyone was happy.
I'll be hosting another exchange soon, an excuse to get together with girlfriends again and give myself a deadline to finish and host it in my Séchoir office!

Tee - Old Navy
 (It's $7 bucks, just get it!)
Jeans - Gap
Boots c/o Sole Society (similar here and here)
Necklace - Ace Commune

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