Who is November Grey?

When I was fresh out of school and wondering what to do with my life, before the acting bug bit me so hard in the ass that I had to listen, before Los Angeles came calling and passions were redirected, I LOVED FASHION. I loved anything interesting and uniquely mine. I chose to feed my love of clothes by scouring the local thrift stores for what I would see in magazines and find a way to make them a reality in my own wardrobe. 

I got a job working at the mall, in a clothing store that shall remain nameless. I met a girl there named November Grey. She was the coolest chick I had ever met in all my 17 years, and I remember thinking the same about her name. I would study the way she wore her clothes and jewelry, her makeup and hair (sleekly bobbed and naturally blonde), how her fashion choices were often a bit askew from the modern confines of mid 90's Phoenix, Arizona... but somehow always worked with such grace and breezy attitude, that I simply could not imagine her giving her reflection a second glance, on the way out the door. ~ I watched with academic interest in the clothes she purchased with our meager earnings and in-store discount, and the way she always seemed to OWN her name.

I've since lived a thousand lives, both on screen and off, through different cities, and countries, different stories, and emotions, all interesting and uniquely mine. The many passions that have driven and encouraged me, the art that inspires me, the film and music that feeds me, and now the insurmountable, unfathomable love for my first born child, I have finally landed on a soft place to fall. I now take pieces of my journey along with me, and place them around my world, in puzzled pieces on this blog to share with you. All with fond memories of a girl I used to want to be like, who without even knowing it, inspired me to be me.