How To Host a Clothing Exchange

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This goes back to my previous post about cleaning out your closet. One fab thing to do with your discards is to host a clothing exchange. It's also an amazing excuse to catch up with friends, have some wine, talk fashion, and shop for free! But first things first, go through that closet!

Your categories for major closet reconstruction:


If you're limited on space (like I am) pack away your clothes by season. For example, I rarely get the opportunity to wear my vintage fur (I scored on ebay for $15!) in southern California, so it generally stays packed away, until those glorious 2-3 months when I can dress for cold weather (my favorite!) This also lets your closet breathe and helps make dressing for the current season easy.

You want to pull your items from the sell and donate categories for the clothing exchange. Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure. But do send all ripped, torn, stained or otherwise appalling clothing to the Goodwill. The key to a great party is to actually show cool pieces that you just don't wear or want anymore.

The last party I hosted, I opened it up to accessories, unused makeup and toiletries as well (we've all bought that wrong color lipstick or been given a perfume we just couldn't stand the smell of) ~ so take stock of what you have and don't need and send those invites! Set your party space up like a clothing store. Organize items by likeness, put them on a clothing rack, ask others to also bring a snack, and a bottle... make it a fun and fabulous afternoon. I promise you will walk away with a smile on that pretty little face. And not just because of the wine.