Wearable Art

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few months back, my family and I had the opportunity to stay in one of the most stunning, historical, magical, old Hollywood homes in the hills.
Yes, we were house and dog sitting, but mostly it felt like a little vacation.  (More on this outfit story here.)

We were in a major transition point in our lives, moving back west side, (and me still settling into the mother role) and it was the exact kind of therapy I needed.
The art kind.

And since the owners of the home were two major players in the art and film world, their home was full of everything and anything an aspiring artist needs to get inspired!
So I invited some of my loveliest female acquaintances over and we played. And created. And got inspired.
One of my first projects was a basic white F21 tee that I decided to scatter my thoughts upon...
Then I handed it off to some more lovely girlfriends at the dinner party I hosted that evening, and they gifted my shirt with some of theirs...

Then I sent it off with my sis and she returned it with her own interpretation of that beautiful moment in time.

And it all started with a particular string of thoughts to help me wear my he(art) on my sleeve...

Standing outside of Pace
I told him I was cold
And she likes to wave at dogs
And dance to music
And sleep when she's scared
Yo solo quiero ser feliz
Yo solo quiero ser feliz

Check back in tomorrow for the finished product!