Massive Homes and Stealing Spotlight

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, it was another fantastically gorgeous day in this massive home we're lucky enough to be staying in for the next few days... and I can't help but reflect back on the many years and many events that have brought me here.

We're in a state of suspension at the moment, but I have never felt more secure. Weird, isn't it?

I've been setting up appointments, emailing potential investors (think Vampires) and making plans. Had some kick ass interviews for a stills production job and a female-driven fashion coordinator/marketing job, scheduled travels, and took care of two giant golden retrievers all in one week! (While completely absorbed and in love with the tiny little person who is looking more and more like me every day - how blessed am I?) I make myself exhausted just typing about it all...

But it's a bit sad because when I look around this home, all I want to do it paint, shoot, create and write! (All while wearing ridiculously and inappropriately dressy clothing) ~ But I haven't a moment to enjoy it! Truly. So I planned an event with my best and most fabulous girlfriends for tomorrow eve. No big thang. Just wine, yummy food and cocktail dresses, of course. Must we really need an excuse for lashes and heels, ladies? Well, then fine. I'll give you one.

Some of these beauties dove into the idea with wild abandon (I'm thinking of offering a gift bag I recently received as a prize for the most fab) and some just hate me for doing this to them, stating too much pressure or not enough wardrobe choices. So to the latter, I give you this; some ideas and pics (thanks Charlotte Rouge!) to dress up that few-year-old cocktail dress.


For all else reading, enjoy the pics of this ridiculous house.

PS - I just love a good Malbec. Nighty-night. xx