Closet Case

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Someday I'll have a closet that looks a little something like this:
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In the mean time, the only way to keep any fashion sanity is to stay super organized. And it feels like that is a constant mission in my life. While our tiny bungalow can only house so much, and my actual closet looks a little more like this, (it's an Ikea wardrobe hidden as a wall unit in our living room!) it unfortunately doesn't hold nearly what I need it to. So I've gotten into the habit of rotating per season and packing away what I'm not currently wearing.

But what to do when you're pregnant and only about a quarter of your closet is actually working? Organize again. I'm committing a small section of my wardrobe to only those items that are fitting, and trying to create complete looks (jewelry and all) to hang together with ease.

This way I can actually be clear about what I need to buy as well! And I finally found a reason for all of those vintage button downs!

1. Blue polyester with black leggings, Forever 21 necklace
2. Vintage Ann Taylor (last worn here) Gray silk pants, plastic clear baubles.
3. Red Silk, Bleached men's jeans, Forever21 & thrifted jewelry
4. Vintage bow-tie top (thanks, Noa!) H&M Maternity Sweater, studded earrings & bangles


  1. I SOOOO need to do this..about 1/4 of my closet is "working" right now I haven't changed it over from winter to spring yet..the weather has been all over the map...but it is TIME. I feel so disorganized and in a constant state of chaos. Can I get an extra day in the week to do it all please?

  2. Clever, what I wouldn't do for a killer closet like the first one pictured… that looks like closet heaven.
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  3. Great idea to organize with jewelry too!

  4. We both need to find out dream homes where a single room serves as a devoted closet. In the meantime, great organization. And the outfits look SO cute!

  5. i jes followed ya on pin ^^

    xoxo elle


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