Mad Looks

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

While sinking into our Sunday shows the other night, the hubs and I poured ourselves some wine, nestled into our comfy couch (3 dogs deep!) and contemplated two very different alternate realities.
I asked him "would you rather live in the Mad Men world, or the Entourage world?" His answer was surprising (and a bit disconcerting, if you ask me!) But that's the thing about love... you gotta forgive.
Can you guess mine?

(Sigh) I love everything about this era! Well, in clothing anyway. And I'm constantly trying to find a way to reinvent the 60's into modern wear.

As I hunt through my (almost organized!) closet, for some Mad Men-ish delights, I realize why I love fashion so much...
It's simply the little girl in me... Playing dress up!
And I vow to make her world as magical as it is in my head.

For munchie (and the little girls in all of us!)

With Love xx


  1. Love that green & white striped top.:)SarahD

  2. LOVE your red fits you like a glove!! Perfect.
    I still love playing dress up too, I don't think I'll ever outgrow that...

    xxo Kelly
    Glamourous Spirit

  3. LOOOOOOVE the skirt! Love it! You have to let me in on your secret to finding the lengthier pencil skirts. (BTW, I almost put a bid on a dress Christina Hendricks wore in Season 1 of MM). With you all the way lovely!

  4. LOVE your skirt!!! You look fabulous!! The 60's are one of my favs too:)

  5. Adorable! I would absolutely choose Mad Men (although I've never seen Entourage so I guess that's to be expected). It's difficult to top those gorgeous '60s looks.

  6. Wow, your skirt is amazing!! xx

  7. Thanks for all the compliments, girls! It's funny because when I was cleaning out my closet, my girlfriend insisted I keep that skirt. Thank god for girlfriends! And I'm happy because I finally found a way to wear it! I'm so glad I hung on to it!



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