Hand Held Inspirations

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm constantly inspired by things I want to remember & I used to scratch things down on napkins or receipts. But since having my trusty blueberry (as my aunt calls it) I keep a notepad of desires on my hand held wireless.

I was going through my list last night and here's what I found:

DO - Buy a large rectangle canvas and hang it vertically on the wall. Use black paint to write block letters of a personal letter from a loved one or thoughts from a journal...

GET - O.P.I. Grey Nail Polish in "You don't know Jacques" My friend was wearing this when I met her for lunch recently. It was gorgeous.

LISTEN - To the song by Gemma Hayes - "Oliver" .... "I might look the same, but I'm a little different now..."

FIND - Vintage suitcases like these I snapped while shopping on Abbot Kinney recently (unfortunately these ones weren't for sale)

APPRECIATE - The world around me.