My Favorite little Sweater

Monday, September 13, 2010

If I had to pick a favorite item I wear all the time, come rain or shine, seasons through seasons, it would have to be this...
My little gray Kersh sweater has been an unexpected favorite and go-to piece for a couple of years now. It's light and deliciously soft, but the reason I love it so much? Not only does it go with just about everything, but it lets whatever I'm wearing it with... play center stage.
Case in point: This floral Jill Stuart number (on it's last few days of acceptable wearing behavior ~ goodbye summer, hello fall!) is given just the right amount of coverage to transition into the oncoming breezier days...
Although wrapped up in the desire for thick and cozy sweaters current, I'm thinking I might just get a couple more years out of this favorite. That's how classic it is. I've worn it over summer tanks, springtime florals, and beneath furry fall vests...
And I didn't even plan on buying it. It was literally an impulse purchase. How rare is that?
Antique broach as hair pin, vintage gold necklace, my favorite red lips, Forever21 booties, and a faux bob. Farewell summer, I'll miss you... xx
Check out some of my favorite blogging sisters and their favorite items!

Now, tell me ladies... what's your favorite piece?


  1. beautiful sweater.

    it looks absolutely comfortable, and chic.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  2. You look fabulous in this outfit...great floral pattern....and love the cute little hair piece:)

    Statements in Fashion

  3. Apologies I didn't get involved in the end, but this post looks great! I love the balloons as props, and the way they compliment your outfit.
    I think you look a little like the actress Gemma Arterton in the first photo!

  4. you look adorable in your dress!! so so cute :)

    stop by sometime<3

  5. Love that dress! ...and the shoes are stunning! I'm lovin' your blog...I'M FOLLOWING!

    <3 visit me sometime,
    natasha -

  6. That sweater is beautiful and it accentuates your cute dress and I love the hair accessory!
    Love your blog!
    Check my blog and follow at

  7. Love your dress!


  8. Love the dress and great photo with big red balloons!!!!

  9. You look so darling in this outfit, I love the colors and the balloons are such a nice touch.

  10. Love the sweater and the dress and those Booties!!! *heart* ... I can't think of one favorite thing... How sad! :)

  11. Love the faux bob! So chic! You look gorgeous, the red lips, the booties, the flowered sweater, the whole thing is just stunning! I thought it was a fashion editorial at first, great photography! XX!

  12. I love these photos! All the colors just pop! And it's always great to find something that can go with practically everything, like your sweater does! That dress is lovely and so are those F21 booties!

    You look stunning!
    I'm following!

  13. i love your dress !


  14. i know this is a teeny thing but i love your nail polish color!! its adorable!!

    menina elegante

  15. I love your grey sweater...I agree, it deinitely lets you dress shine.


  16. Beautiful outfit :)
    The colors are stunning. <3

  17. What a cute fun photoshoot!! I love the balloons & your hair piece oh & your shoes! Okay so I love everything about your outfit! Happy fall!

  18. I loveeee the red balloons, they are one of my fav' photo props!

  19. Thanks, guys! It was one of my favorite photo shoots to do! And my daughter loved playing with the balloons after! xx

  20. you are perfect in this outfit and with red lipstick.
    I like your blog!
    We could be followers each other, what do you think?

  21. these photos are so completely stunning, i couldn't resist commenting! just lovely. xx

  22. Wait a minute, you got the booties at Forever21? I want some!


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