Thrifting addiction

Monday, January 31, 2011

Friends - this weekend was one of those crazy whirlwinds where I had a zillion things to do, but somehow still managed to get my butt thrift shopping.  Not once, twice.
 I had two special occasions, my sweet gal pal's birthday,  and sissy time with little sis.
And aside from a lovely lunch and chattery catch up time, what else were we dying to do? Duh.

I found original price tags on immaculate silk.
Black leather pants that fit like a glove.
Sparkly top, and a sparkly dress to boot.
Perfectly deconstructed (paint-splattered) men's jeans... (For me, not the hubs. Sorry babe.)
A painting I didn't buy, but was quite drawn to...
And some fitted black trousers that I cannot wait to wear!
See that little "red tag"above ...? That means $1! $1! $1!
Entire outfit thrift. And around $8. Yep. Swoon.
What did you do over the weekend, pretties? xx