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Friday, February 18, 2011

I've been dreaming of Barcelona for years...

Man and Dog on Alley, Barri Gotic, Barcelona via here 

Well, because of alleyways like the above, and a little bit of an obsession with a famous dead guy. I've never been, and I've always had this feeling, deep inside me, that I'm supposed to go.  Have you ever felt that way about somewhere you've never been?

I feel like certain destinations call to me, and although there's so many I have yet to experience, when I think about it, I've visited some pretty fantastic places. 
 mal pais, costa rica

And I have no intention of stopping any time soon.

On this year's Travel List: 
New England

Where do you want to go?


  1. nice pics ;)

  2. Fantastic!
    Greece, Paris, Venice, Barcelona.. I could go on.. but definitely feeling the pull of Europa!

  3. Love you in that photo w/ the chic outfit/hat and the red lip ;)


  4. I need to go to Europe! Such an inspiring post!


  5. I have been to Barcelona. I am somewhat of a seasoned traveler and it is still one of my favorite places. The food, the people, the lifestyle... glorious. If you need restaurant or hotel suggestions I'd be happy to share. I am heading to San Francisco, Paris, Puerto Rico and the list keeps growing this year.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  6. Kayla - yes! I'd love some suggestions when the time finally comes. I'm dying to visit Els Quatre Gats in the Barri Gotic, as it was one of Picasso's hang out spots in the early 1900's. I've read so much about the happenings of that place, during a time when one of the world's most influential artists was just an unknown painter designing the cafe menu. Call me romantic, but how cool is that?! Have you been?

  7. I would like to go to London again...and stay there :)

  8. Beautiful photos! I'll take your itinerary, thank you.

    I'm hoping to see some new places this year, like Morocco, Italy, Spain? Visiting some old ones: France, England? Three week long honeymoon based out of Paris, we'll see where we end up!

  9. I would love to go to Venice and Singapore. Beautiful places and romantic too. I sent you a mail dear. Thanks.

  10. Love the first photo. I want to go so many places, too many to list, but I really want to go to Jamaica and the Bahamas (which is funny because they're only a few miles away really!)
    xx Sprinkles in Springs

  11. I want to go to Bali and Singapore too! I would love to travel through Southeast Asia. Of course, if I had the chance, I'd probably go anywhere! Still haven't been to Costa Rica, and that's been on the travel wishlist forever.

  12. Paris! And Sydney for NYE....fingers crossed!

  13. i've never been out of the united states, SAD!! i haven't even been to the east coast of this great nation...sigh. my top places to see are Spain, Australia, Italy and Monaco.

    then anywhere after that! hahaha! i have a traveling spirit, without the budget and freedom to do so...someday though, someday. ;)

  14. I've just started blogging and am searching the internet for other blogs I like. OMG. You have stunned me. Your photos, fashion, writing, everything!! I love it! So happy I found you :) I am now following.
    much love!! xo, allie

  15. You look great in that hat! I love traveling; I'm a wanderer at heart.

  16. I'd love to explore the length of Italy and Thailand - they're two places that I'm dying to visit x

  17. I love traveling so much and I'm dreaming of Paris...I've never been in Barcelona but I've heard it's a fantastic city. Your traveling plan sounds amazing!

    Happy Monday, cheers: Evi

  18. Nothing is better than New England in the summer. Newport, RI is gorgeous, historical, and FULL of things to do! And of course much cheaper than heading overseas.


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