Skinny Trick: Get those veggies in!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last night we welcomed my Father in Law into town (aka "Papa" as little monkey decided on her very own to call him) and had one of our regular Italian Night dinners. 

There's always a lot of leftover veggies in my house, which saddens me to no end when they go to waste!  So I'm always trying to find a way to reuse and fit them in elsewhere.
This morning I decided to throw the rest of the roasted tomatoes from our pasta into our scrambled eggs, and use the last half of the avocado from last night's salad as a spread for our wheat toast. 

Do I have to explain to you why veggies keep you skinny? 

(P.S. How cool is my F.I.L that he brought my fave bread for me all the way from NY?!)