To Steal a Muse

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back when I was acting, I remember someone once told me that artist's are the biggest thieves. Quite simply, we all "steal" inspiration from one another on a constant basis. Enter: my current blogger muses.
I just found this gorgeous gal via another blog, and I'm so glad I did! She's genius at layering and putting together such creative, yet uniquely different outfits on a daily basis. She's a chameleon depending on her mood - big fan. She constantly gets my creative juices flowing on items I already have in my own wardrobe!

What I have: Leather shorts & leather jacket
What I need: Sexy white henley tee & delicate pointy heels

What I have: Scarves and stripes & a too-big trench I'll alter into a vest with the help from my partner over at Secondhand Star
What I need: Cuffed Khaki shorts & a denim shirt

Muse #2: Taylor at Sterling Style
Taylor inspires me everyday. She's the quintessential girl next door, but with her glamorous blonde locks, and fearless attitude (she was recently laid off so she decided to start her own business), she can instantly switch to a major siren, should the mood happen to strike her. Here, she makes menswear chic so effortless!

What I have: Black wide leg trousers, vintage belt & clutch, an assortment of fedoras & wooden sandals.
What I need: Denim shirt, damn it.

Muse #3 Kelly at The Glamourai
Um. No words for this gal, really. She's that fabulous. I only recently began to delve into her site going backwards... her stylish musings on fashion, art, and her surrounding world make me want to be my best artistic self (a challenge on most days) in so many ways.

What I have: Several similarly shaped dresses (this shape really works on my body), patent leather belt and interesting clutch.
What I need: Giant statement necklace, and her hair! Kidding. I wish. But on a hunt for that necklace!

Muse #4 Rumi at Fashion Toast
I did a stint in fashion marketing last year and that's when I was first introduced to the infamous Fashion Toast blog. My co-worker at the time showed me her site and stated that Rumi "really bugged her" but that she was one to keep up with anyway. This made me laugh because I felt like we were in high school again, where the equally-as-pretty but not as popular girl talked smack about the one we all wanted to be like. Anyway, I instantly fell in love. Her hippie couture makes me feel like a total wanna be (see? high school again.) but I adore her just the same. Bonus: her photography is off the hook. No other blogger does it quite like Rumi.

What I have: Pretty much all of it.
What I need: The balls to wear it all together.

(Below #1)
What I have: Leather shorts, vintage blouse, and massive heels.
What I need: Long black sweater.

(Below #2)
What I have: None of it.
What I need: All of it. Oh, and those balls again.


  1. Seriously, T... GREAT post! :) I never get tired of reading your blog... your writing is so "you" and keeps my attention every time... oh, and love your little quips! They always make me laugh!


  2. Thanks, Jen! That's like the best compliment ever. And as always, you're one of my constant muses as well. xx

  3. Really nice post!
    I follow all these girls ;)

  4. Ur so right! All outfits are amazing and trust me, you will find the perfect items :))

  5. A-P is the only gal here I haven't studied up on. On my way now!
    Photo Giveaway

  6. These girls are all fabulous!! Love all of their blogs so much and all are so different.

  7. I love reading and seeing all the pictures from around the world that Rumi from Fashion Toast lovely! Also love the classic elegance of Kelly from Glamourai and her almost Audrey Hepburn quality!

    Liesl :)

  8. Isn't Karla just so beautiful? I love her hair so much:)

  9. Rumi's got mad balls...and the skinny legs to go with. That freaking AP layers it on like no other. She's not my style, but damn that girl can WERK!


  10. this was a brilliant post! i love the inspiration you get from blogs, another particular favourite of mine is Alix from thecherryblossomgirl, her photography is always so beautiful


  11. Great inspiration. I love A-P and Sterling Style, must check them out! :)

    Sadie xx

  12. Wonderful post! Just remember that you are an inspiration as well!

  13. Nice post...alot of these bloggers are the most talked about...Great post

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  14. No 2 is My favvo / so chic casual and glamorous.. / Marie

  15. I love Taylor's look. The layering is amazing.
    Rumi has great style as well.

    Great blog post.

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

  16. I LOVE this post..not sure how I missed it? We are ALL inspired by others...whether it be fashion blogs, people on the street, movies...whatever. You have chosen some lovely ladies..not familiar w Atlantic Pacific- will have to check her out:)
    You are such a style muse yourself have changed my view on vintage...everything you showcase is very wearable and real looking (sometimes vintage can seem too fantasy for me) and I have even purchased a piece or two...which is NEW for me. So thank you to YOU!
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Oh, Carly - I'm so glad! That makes me so happy to hear! Thank you, girl.

  18. Atlantic pacific is my inspiration number 1 !!!

  19. Love muse #3 and #4. Your blog is wonderful.



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