Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm getting kind of bored with my hair. There was a time in my life when I would change it with every mood and whim, just like I do my clothing, playing different parts with different styles and colors every few months to keep things interesting.

My childhood friend who's out visiting even commented that this is the longest she's ever seen me with the same hairstyle. Which would normally mean it's time to hack it off or bleach it blond.

But instead, I'm going the slow and painful route of growing out my bangs. I totally dig the ombre hair that's been seen everywhere lately, but that's just the thing... because it's been everywhere, I kinda don't want to do it, ya know? What are you guys loving with hair these days?


  1. I think your hair is beautiful, don't cut it of!!!!!!
    Now I let my hair grew ;) - I have a bit of curls so it will be a long time to create your length!

  2. I love ur hair! Don't do anything too drastic now lol.

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  3. Thanks guys! I'm just bored! What do you do when your bored with your hair?

  4. DONT CUT IT! You have the prettiest hair...and I love your bangs..but it would be a fun change to ditch them for a bit.
    My hair is long, boring and has been that way since the beginning of mom teases that I had long hair in the womb.

    ps..featured the fabulous vintage gold bag in todays post and OF COURSE linked back to you and all your fabulousness:)
    Happy week to you.

  5. Hmm good question, it does sometimes feel like there are too few options (unless you want to go really drastic). My hair is quite like yours right now, but I had previously cut it chin length out of rebellion to my ex who liked my hair long:) I would do a color change except I have a weird phobia about dying my hair. My mom told me she went grey pretty young so I'm putting off the dye jobs as long as possible. I'd love to see blond or red on you though!

  6. You are sooo stunning! and you have great hair :)

  7. This too shall pass...just pass on the hombre hair...too overplayed and not always done so well.
    Your hair is stunning and just think of all the options we have with long hair!

  8. With hair this gorgeous does the styling matter?

  9. I so agree with you about the ombre trend being a little over done. Fortunately the decision for me was easy, since I would describe my current natural hair colour as 'grey'. Can you imagine grey roots, then brown roots, then blonde. Sexy huh? Anything would look great on you though xox Nicole


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