Molly Ringwald/"Getting the Pretty Back"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm gearing up to host an event this week for the iconic Molly Ringwald to celebrate her national besteller Getting the Pretty Back!
A woman (and fabulous mommy!) after my own heart who really just gets being uniquely your own in fashion and lifestyle.

I stayed up late last night finishing her book and just ate it up, cover-to-cover. Did you know she had a heavy hand in styling some of her infamous characters such as Andie in Pretty in Pink? She made thrift and vintage cool before it even was cool, scouring vintage as a way of self expression and artistic history, in a time when no one really got it. Get this - while thrifting in her teens, she found a lace sheath dress that previously belonged to Eleanor Roosevelt when she was a debutant! I mean, c'mon! How cool is that?

Molly - we adore you. And for those of us who can actually see past the sixteen year old girl you used to be (fashionable, iconic, and brave as you were...) we're pretty damn inspired by the grown up, wise and still wickedly beautiful woman you've become.
(If you're in the LA area and would like to stop by to meet Molly and be a part of this fabulous event, please RSVP to novembergreyonline{at}gmail{dot}com)


  1. Love it!! That dress she refashions at the end of Pretty in Pink is one of my favorite, iconic, film dresses of the 80's!! I love knowing she had such a strong hand in helping to shape her filmic, fashion identity!

  2. Yes I agree, she was into all that before it was trendy...amazing about the Roosevelt dress! Must get her book.

  3. Such a pretty cover - she looks beautiful!

  4. I read a bit of her book when a friend introduced me to it...I was sucked in and must go buy it for myself! Great book and great, inspiring, girl! Wish I lived in Cali. and could attend the event! Looking forward to your post about it!

  5. I love her as well. Will check out her book.
    I also watched her on Broadway in Cabaret. She was amazing.

  6. I wanted to BE Andie in high school.
    All of those movies are so iconic...I have had my teenage son watch all of them and while he appreciates Sixteen Candles a little more than Pretty in Pink he has said time and time again "the best movies were made in the 80's".
    I couldn't have said it better myself!

  7. I read the book when it first came out and just loved it! I loved the 80s Molly Ringwald and muse of John Hughes but love the adult Molly Ringwald as well.


  8. I am SO wishing I lived in CALI right now...what a cool event and amazing to be involved/hosting.
    Can't wait to see what you WEAR momma!!

  9. I love her

    Love and Live your Fashion at Viva La Qbee03


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