Skinny Trick: Spaghetti Soup

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I posted here about my family Italian Night dinners. They're pretty much a once a week staple in my house. But what do you do with the next day leftovers?

Make spaghetti soup, of course! I know, sounds gross, but it's actually really yummy. 

This is a skinny trick because I always use lean ground turkey, smart taste pasta (lots of fiber and goodness and tastes just like regular white pasta) and throw in a ton of veggies. 

For this, I usually boil up fresh pasta the next day, (and penne or shell work better than actual spaghetti noodles) unless you have a lot leftover from the night before, in which case, the long "noon-uls" as my daughter calls them, work just fine.

  1. Boil water depending on the amount of leftovers
  2. Add pasta
  3. Add in remaining spaghetti sauce and an extra can of stewed or any canned tomatoes you have in house
  4. Add in meat
  5. Throw in frozen peas and corn 
  6. Garlic salt salt and pepper to taste