Hazy (A love song)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thinking about my best friend... just days away from getting married... and how she's about to embark on such an incredible journey... one that starts with those first few steps into matrimony. For me, this song sums up what it is to be with the right person. 

by Rosi Golan Feat. William Fitzimmons

I watched you sleeping
Quietly in my bed 
You don't know this now 
But there's some things that need to be said 

And it's all that I can hear 
It's more than I can bare 

What if I fall and hurt myself? 
Would you know how to fix me 

What if I went and lost myself? 
Would you know where to find me 

If I forgot who I am 

Would you please remind me 

Oh, cause without you things go hazy 

P.S. This is also what Best-Friendship should be about... For Jen. (And my baby sisters too!) 

All images via We Heart it