Morning after...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hi friends! Finally getting back into the swing of life after all of our travels. In addition to work (and sometimes work that feels like play -- I just had business drinks & dinner at The BazaarA-mazing...) I'm a day away from hosting my two year old daughter's birthday party. As I was neck high in dirt yesterday, laying sod down in our backyard like a crazy lady, my friend looked up at me and said "You know you're an overachiever, right?" - Guess that's the story of my life lately... trying to do too much, too often, and constantly thinking "If only there were more hours in the day..."
But I'll keep going strong because after all, these are the years to make things happen, right? I can always sleep tomorrow.  


  1. totally agree with you! i burn the candle at both ends and always overload myself but i can't think of anything worse than being bored and going nowehere


  2. Glad you had some wonderful travels, and I hope you have a lovely time hosting your daughter's birthday party...I am sure it will be a fun-filled time!

    Liesl :)

  3. I keep telling myself the same thing...and YES we have to make it all happen now..sleep when we are dead, no?
    Happy Birthday to your precious baby girl...gearing up for Connors bday on October seemed SO far away..and now it is around the corner...time just flies...I can't believe my little baby boy is going to be TWO!!!
    Happy weekend.
    Bunkered down at the Jersey Shore waiting for Hurrican Irene.

  4. fab!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. goodness, i can totally relate! (well, except for the motherhood part.) i often have to remind myself that every single second in the day is not meant to be full, and sometimes, that can mean saying no - something that i really struggle with! thanks for sharing a little reminder of this, as it was just what i needed to hear today! :) XOXO


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