Charging my batteries

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friends, I'm so excited! The hubs and I are going to take a mini (mini, mini) weekend hotel vacation. Just the two of us. Truth be told, we'll be staying just minutes from our own house, but why go far when you live in sunny southern cali where the food is good and the hotels are better, and the weather is expected to be blissfully warm and sunshine-y bright?

We're going to sit by the pool, catch up on reading, take naps, eat, talk, and lord-have-mercy SLEEP.

I also booked a prenatal massage, painted my toes, and have a pretty dress to wear to dinner. 

It will likely be the last time we'll have the chance for this kind of relaxing before the baby comes. And I'm going to SOAK. IT. IN. Charge those batteries. Breathe...

See you back here next week with a smile in my heart.

T xx

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