Black and Tan

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No, not the beer. But ever had one of those? mmm... Guinness and pale ale... a nod to my bartending past. Anyway, I'll stop thinking about the alcohol I can't have and head off to work! Feeling energized and really good today! (Thank you, pregnancy Gods!)
Black is so slimming, right? (Ha!)
Wearing an Allsaints leather I found here, H&M vest (worn as a skinny girl here)
H&M leopard flats (similar here)
 Liz Lange for Target maternity tee (get it here
(Awesome and super affordable tees! 
I recently got the basic V-neck and love it! For $10, it's worth getting ever color!)

Tuesdays are so like my Mondays. I drop the babe at preschool and head off into the world, while actual Mondays are spent cleaning and organizing house. I think I have a bit of an obsessive compulsive thing with keeping things organized. Or perhaps I'm just nesting. Either way, clutter doesn't stand a chance.

Happy Monday, er, Tuesday!