Lisa Dempsey Makeup

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday, friends! I wanted to dedicate this week to all things beauty related, and what better way to kick it off than with a post dedicated to my beautiful sis, professional makeup artist, Lisa Dempsey.
Pictured here, in her element, with her signature makeup look and floppy hat... it's easy to see that this girl has style. 

Not only is she truly beautiful inside and out, but her talent for hair and makeup is off-the-chain. I barely trust anyone else to touch my face when I have an important event. She's that good.

And now that celebs have started to request her personally, I can't help but realize that it was such a gift to have had the opportunity bring her along as my personal makeup artist when I was in the acting game.

Wanna know something even cooler? She's an identical twin, the other half of The Judo Twins, a YouTube channel dedicated completely to my little sisters, both hair and makeup artists, rocking tutorials like no others.

Check out her website to see all of the fun stars and events she's worked on recently and stay tuned for a video tutorial, a guest post and even more collaborations with November Grey!

{Photos by Vicky Yanez}


  1. Your family took up some serious "beautiful" genes with you and your gorg sisters.
    Isn't it so fun working with your family? My sisters often help by modeling or helping me style events/shows...and we always have the best time!
    ...jealous you found that hat via thrift...I adore it (esp that maroon color) and thinking I need to pull the trigger. C

    1. Aw thanks, Carly! It's so much fun to work with family, especially in a creative way. We're lucky gals! xx

    2. Lisa is rocking it, I lOVE these pix! Beautiful!

  2. she's so pretty!


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