Pregnancy - 40 weeks!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Can you believe it? I'm officially 40 weeks! But the doc has given me a couple of different due dates, so they won't consider me overdue until September 10th. (eek!)
So, I've been doing more hanging out at home than being out and about these days...Well, scratch that. I've been out (trying to walk this baby outta me!) but less dressing up and more just trying to make it through and keep busy during these final days. The past week has been a bit torturous, if you ask me. I'm on pins and needles, not knowing when this baby is going to come and it has made me a bit nutty. I've shopped and cleaned and organized everything to death. And THEN SOME. I'm ready. Just hoping little man is too, before he goes into serious overtime and turns into a ten pound baby! (double eek!)

Hope you're enjoying the beauty posts. Forgive me if I disappear a bit next week. (Fingers crossed it's due to a fast, easy and beautiful delivery!)

Wish me luck!