Excuse me while I catch up... and a few snaps

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Monday, friends! So much to catch up on and so much to do... but I wanted to let you know that I haven't disappeared completely! I'll be sharing outfit posts (can you believe it?), a post baby body shopping how-to, another makeup tutorial by my amazing sisters and much more -- very, very soon, so stay tuned!

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The hubs and I snuck out while Stella was napping with a sitter and baby was napping in the car... we barely made it to the lunch spot before he woke up and started crying. Salads to-go followed! Not much time to do anything as a couple, or for ourselves lately. So blessed with good friends and fam to help. Like the amazing Shiri from Chaz Dean, who came to our house to cut and color my hair. (I'm so in love with her for that!)

Speaking of salads...
I've been trying to get creative and make some interesting ones at home to keep me on track with my weight loss goals. This one was inspired by a yummy beet salad we get at one of our favorite restaurants. Beets, feta, arugula and citrus vinaigrette!

Other healthy creations...
I keep a carton of egg whites stocked in the fridge and fill up on egg white omelets with (easy peasy) frozen veggie options like spinach, onions and bell peppers. A fork skewer of tofu, avocado and grilled cherry tomato made for a simple and yummy dinner too!

Trying to spend some quality time with our first little love, to let her know she's still very much a central and essential part of this family. (This is not as easy as it sounds, but she's worth every second!)

Somehow managed to plan and host a birthday celebration for my gorgeous sisters while our brother was in town from Texas. It was a back yard, turkey burger and corn on the cob BBQ (not quite as elegant as they deserve) but at least we were together.