Post Pregs Body - Back to Work Look

Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, here we go... My first post-pregnancy shots. To be totally honest, I almost didn't share these, being super critical of myself right now. But I promised. And I also have to keep in mind that they were taken just three and a half weeks after Bodhi's birth. 

I'm getting there. I WILL GET THERE. Thanks to Weight Watchers and breastfeeding. (And a determination to get into all that yummy Fall fashion!)
Remember my Stella McCartney look inspiration here? These Gap pants I ordered online are a dream. I'll wear them way after the baby weight is gone. They feel like pajamas but have such a cool fit. The tank shows off my best (ahem) assets at the moment - also a great layering piece.
The blazer was an (almost) forgotten gift from a super stylish pal of mine for my birthday last year. It's true vintage YSL. That reminds me that I need to post some stylin' shots of him for all the guys out there. 

Have a fabulous week! xx

Blazer - Vintage Yves Saint Laurent
Pants - Gap
Tank - Gap
Pumps - Vintage
Quilted Bag - Nest 
Chain link bracelet & Necklace - Jewelmint


  1. You look fab!

    I'm 3 weeks away from my due date and feeling overwhelmed with everything I need to do ...and feeling like well I wish I was just in bed in comfy pjs. I hope I can get to the point of feeling like a normal person (dressing like a normal person) again eventually!


  2. You look GREAT! Awesome outfit!
    Way to rock post-pregnancy ; )


  3. No need to go easy on yourself mama! You look absolutely stunning!

  4. Aw, ladies! You're all being so nice! Thanks so much! Made my day! xx

  5. T, I cannot believe you almost didn't show these!! You look PHENOM! Seriously, so gorg! :) I love the black and brown paired together -- and your hair and those specs? So sexy -- you look amaze!


  6. You look fantastic! Almost like you didn't even HAVE a kid! Great job with the styling and the post-baby bod/look. Seriously you look hot!

  7. You look great. I just can't seem to shed my last couple of kgs I am sadly one of these eople who doesn't lse weight til I stop breast feeding.

  8. you really do look great! i got the pants at the Gap in SM on 20th for $13. AWESOME!! thank you for posting such great outfits and being inspiring miss lovely!

  9. You look absolutely beautiful! better than ever..don't go losing too much weight and give yourself time. This is how women you've just given birth should look - not freakishly thin like Victoria Beckham and co. Work those assets!


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