Thrift scores... Mama's baaack!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey ladies, (and gents, possibly... possibly?) I snuck off today for some delicious alone time. I was headed to the grocery store when something came over me and I made a hard left into thrift town instead. Inevitably dinner will suffer, but by-God, my sanity will not. It's been too long.

Come to mama...
This dress is everything I love about finding vintage via thrift. It's a no-name label, great color, fabulous condition. The color is much brighter in person and the pleats and length make it very lady-like whimsical. Probably won't wear it 'til next Spring but it's a winner fo sho. Oh, and $5 bucks.

So excited about this wool hat. I'm already planning skinnies and boots and boxy sweaters, topped off with this baby. Easy there, readers with the "ick" factor. I'm taking it to the dry cleaner to have it professionally cleaned. Good-as-new. Also $5 bucks.

Vintage grey gloves with a little gold bling? Yes, please. ($2 bucks!)

And this cropped navy jacket that will transition some of my summery best into cold weather territory. $6 dolla's! Holla!

Happy thrifting, loves. xx