Digging through my closet ~ Back to work looks

Monday, November 26, 2012

I've been slowing easing back to work by doing some individual styling, even helped prep a last minute music video shoot - which was so much fun. Heading back into home design work part-time this week. Squeezing back into these red AA jeans was encouraging, but I still have a few post pregs pounds to shed. (Thanksgiving, you were not helpful in this department!)

It's so funny how much your body changes after baby. I have this amazing vintage dress that never quite fit right, but tried it on recently for an upcoming holiday party and it fits like a GLOVE now. I guess these extra curves can be good in some ways!

Digging through my closet and deciding what I'll be needing for wardrobe updates. Birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas coming my way... so hopefully husband, relatives and Santa will be generous. Pretty sure I'm going to hack all of my hair off soon. So ready for a change.