New House Inspiration - Bedrooms

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well, we're off to do more house hunting today! As I mentioned before, it's a challenge to see through the mucky interiors of what's out there and visualize all that we can do with a space. But the decorating is the exciting part. And I'm getting excited!

On my mind...
This pic inspires on so many levels. I'm pretty sure I want a chandelier if I can convince the hubs. Absolutely love tufted beds. Something so regal and plush and divinely soft about them. I'm pretty sure when we make the plunge and buy a new (kings size!) bed, the Curate one I found (in this post here) might fit the bill exactly, with the marriage of wood and quilting.

I love the clean lines and symmetry in this bedroom. The dual mirrors, lamps, side tables and chairs. Feels deliciously balanced. 

I obviously lean towards grays and muted tones, but a pop of a color, like the pink here, makes all the difference when creating a unique bedroom.

I'm going to bring this pic in as a color swatch to have paint matched for our room. It's perfection. Light gray with lavender undertones. So chic, so calming, so perfect. The dresser is also so gorgeous and I've seen these antique remade rugs in person. They are patched together pieces that are dip-dyed. Divine. 

{All images sourced through Pinterest. See my bedroom Pinterest board here .}