On going blonde, wearing hats and having a daughter

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I have been super casual lately, trying to get our life in order after the move. Plus, most of my clothes are still packed away in boxes and storage and I haven't had a chance to pull them out yet, seeing as though kitchen and kiddos are taking priority over mama's wardrobe.

I'm still experimenting with having short hair and somehow love wearing hats so much more with a bob. I even considered going blonder again, (evidence you may have seen recently on my Pinterest board.) I have had just about every color hair you can imagine and sported long, blonde locks for a big portion of my acting career. So I thought, why not lighten this new look up a bit? (As if chopping it off wasn't dramatic enough! I can't help it. I find it so much fun to mix things up from time to time!)

But one little thing halted me dead in my tracks this morning... My sweet Stella was getting dressed for school and looking at herself in the mirror. She twisted a tiny finger around a dark chestnut swirl and said "Mama, I really wish I had blonde hair." I just about cried for her and swooped her up into my arms, covering her in kisses and compliments and telling her how beautiful brown is, but more importantly, how beautiful being yourself is. Guess I won't be headed into highlight territory any time soon. Thanks for the reminder, my darling. Mommy loves you. (And our chestnut swirls!)