A chunky heel, a red sweater + {That's the thing about short hair}

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I only meant to take a quick peek at Zara when I stumbled upon these chunky sandals, but I could not walk away without them. They are everything I love in a shoe. The thickness of the heel makes the height so wearable walkable, and I'm already wearing them with everything from jeans, to shorts, to fitted dresses. Reminiscent of the Stuart Weitzman's I still wear the death. {I snagged the red sweater on super sale for about $7 bucks to boot.) I heart you, Zara.

Finally, finally digging my short cut. At last, it feels like me. It took a bit of adjusting. I'm so proud of what I did, donating it to a little angel who will need it much more than I... but still... we attach so much of who we are, our womanhood, sexiness, our beauty into our hair. And sometimes it's good to challenge that. To set yourself free. There's no hiding behind short hair. Your face is front and center and you have to (in a way) deal with yourself. Does that make sense? Look into the mirror and say "there you are, flaws and all..."

The truth is, I'll probably grow it from here. (The versatility in long hair is just so much fun.) But where it goes grows from here will be fresh and new. A beginning. Free from years and things past. A new chapter. And a new reflection I'm quite proud of.

Shoes - Zara
(Avail in stores. Similar here)
Sweater - Zara
Hot pink lace cami - Hipster G.
Leather Jacket - AllSaints
Silver Necklace - Thrifted
Lipstick - Wet & Wild in Dollhouse Pink