A day at the park

Monday, March 4, 2013

We spent another blissful day at the park over the weekend, trying to keep ourselves busy while daddy was away. We were celebrating a birthday for one of Stella's tiny friends. I'm not gonna lie to ya, livin' in Cali doesn't suck. The weather already rivals some of the nicest summer days you will ever experience. We sure did miss daddy while he was away, though. So happy to have him back. All is right in the world again. 

We wore this: 

Thrifted Jacket
Floral Shorts
Old Navy Vintage Tee
The hubs' RayBans

Old Navy Striped Onsie (old - Stella wore it too!)
Orange shorts - Gimboree (hand-me-down's. Thanks, Fletcher!)
{His mohawk is au natural}

Yellow dress via Zulilly
Old Navy Striped leggings
Pink Converse