Girls Night Out

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday, friends! Boy, it's been crazy up in this piece lately! So much, so fast and time is just whizzing by. I'm trying to hang on tight for this ride called motherhood and pause to enjoy moments like these; a Girls Night Out that rivals any I've had before. These three little girls are the best of friends. They met at a pre-preschool/daycare and insist on regular playdates with each other. In the process, I'm getting to know two super fabulous ladies that I would have otherwise never met. A serendipitous friendship that I'm grateful for... Cuz no one understands you like your mama friends.

1. I'm wearing: Husband's T, Forever 21 skirt, Thrifted Calvin Klein jacket, Bamboo sandals & JewelMint necklace. Stella's wearing: Gap Jacket, Cherokee striped tee from Target and Toms glitter shoes.
2. Fumika is wearing: Top Shop pants (I'm obsessed with them, find similar here) and Ace Commune jewelry. (She's the designer!) Kaina is wearing a tee by Mini and Maxiums and Hunter boots.
3. Rosie's mom, May informed us that while driving to meet us for dinner that night, Rosie wanted to let her little friends know that she got her princess dress at Costco, should they want to know where to get one too. Heart melting....