Styled by Stella ~ Vintage top + lace shorts

Friday, May 10, 2013

Everything head-to-toe was picked out by Miss Stella. (My three year old daughter, in case you're new to these posts.)

I guess she was feeling quite the girly vibe this day because she picked out some of my most feminine pieces to wear all at once! I forgot how much I liked this vintage top and honestly haven't worn these lace shorts in forever. Another true confession is about these gold bow heeled sandals. I scored them at DSW a while back for mere dollars and loved the detail and femininity of them... but have never really worn them out. And why not? They'll have some stiff competition with these Zara beauties, but they've been moved to the front of my closet now. And the pink bag was picked out because, well, it's pink. I pulled out my stacked glass jewelry jar and gave her free choice of anything. I found it interesting that she matched gold earrings with bracelets also accented in gold.  

One of these days we'll grab a snapshot of Stella actually styling me, because it really is a sight to behold. But funnily enough, the artist doesn't like to be photographed while she works! 

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