My mom's albondigas soup recipe

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well, the weather is finally cooperating in southern Cali and feeling a little more like fall every day. These are the moments I cherish being a mother… Bundled up babies and warm soup on the stove.
A few years ago, when Stella was so tiny it hurts my heart to think about, and being a mama was so very new to me, a friend of mine interviewed me for her blog. We chatted about motherhood and I shared one of my favorite recipes passed down from my own mother.

Recently, while looking for this recipe, I realized I had never shared it on my own blog, so I thought a chilly November day would be the perfect opportunity. Read the original article here and read on for ingredients and instructions.

Albondigas Soup
1 lb ground turkey
2 eggs
1 cup white rice
3 lg potatoes
1 tbs oregano
Salt & pepper to taste

Combine meat, eggs, spices and uncooked rice. 

Fill a large soup pot 1/2 way with water and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, chop potato into large pieces and set aside.

Roll meat mixture into desired sized meatballs.

Add meat balls to boiling water, reduce heat and simmer. After 15 minutes or so, add in potatoes and continue to simmer until meat is cooked through and potatoes are soft, about another 15 min. 

Serve piping hot with warm tortillas and Mexican cheese. 

Side note: "Albondigas" means meatballs in Spanish and there are several different versions of this soup out there. You can use beef instead of turkey, add different spices and vegetablesThis one is very bare bones, with only meat and potatoes. Upon reflection I realize that this could have simply been because I was raised with a limited budget and six siblings. You do the grocery math. But although simple, this soup brings such nostalgic comfort to me. Isn't that the thing about childhood? You see only the best of what you've been given. 

With love, 

T xx