Mother's Day Wishes

Thursday, May 11, 2017

OK, I had the toughest time getting this post together because there were too many pics to choose from. (I have my amazing blog photographer, Steffi to thank for that. Contact her here if you're in the LA area.) And also because my mini fashionista pretty much stole the show in this shoot and I can't get enough of her tiny, adorable face!

I mean... c'mon...

Stella's Dress - Victoria Beckham for Target (available on ebay)
Sunglasses - Mommy's (Express)
Purse - Vintage

The Victoria Beckham for Target collection is almost entirely sold out at this point, save for a few select pieces in Target stores and some pieces on ebay.

My Top & Skirt Victoria Beckham for Target
(The top is available on ebay here in medium, here in small and here in 1x)
Purse - Vintage

Mules - Calvin Klein Shoes at Nordstrom

(Here are some available black suede mules. I actually think I like these better than mine! More wearable than patent leather.)

It was so fun to be able to share this with Stella, and it got me thinking... why aren't there more mother/daughter collections like this? (Or at least ones I know of?) Not necessarily "matchy-matchy" but coordinated to perfection. For special outings and holidays... And not too crazy expensive. 

I also find myself out with my little girl often and wishing we had somewhere to shop that had stuff exclusively for the two of us.

Future business venture? Maybe I need to slow down...

In the meantime, I'm enjoying these moments so much, and holding on as tightly as I can, as she sails away on the fast track to growing up.

Mommy loves you, baby girl. If you can always remember that, if you always know in the back of that brilliant mind (that mind, more beautiful than the freckles on your face) that I've got your back, no matter what. And that I believe in you endlessly, then that's all a mama can ask for on Mother's Day.