Workin' on some NIGHT MOVES

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Excited for Fashion's Night Out this Friday, and still buzzed from a smokin' hot party this past weekend (no, not literally - figuratively) ~ I thought I'd share a little night look of choice, as of late.
 Don't hate me because this dress was $1.00, but it was.   (I know!!!) Found thrift via Jet Rag's Sunday $1.00 day! 
Necklace H&M, as seen here and here.
Am I a little uncomfortable that my Father-in-Law will be reading this post? Ya, a little... but it's a fashion blog!  Hi, Dad! Thanks for being a follower! (Bikini top as a fun bra)
Furry vest ~ Forever21
 Moody light ~ back yard porch. It's the actress in me... finding my light!
 Nude high heel ~ story of importance here.
Make those nights memorable ones!  And... scene.