5 Minute Fake Bob

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OK, so I have a lot of hair.  And while I'm not complaining, sometimes it's a bit much, (and heavy, and hard to deal with...) I know, I know, I'll shut up.  But quite often, I find myself tempted to just hack it all off into a daring (and darling) little bob, as I did once before.
But because I am avoiding the cliché that is "every new mom cuts her hair",  I continue to refrain from what I believe would be sheer genius (props to all the short haired ladies out there!!) Instead, I fake it.  As seen herehere, and here.

5 min Fake Bob - How To:
Make sure your hair is nice and wavy. Have some sort of body or curl going on. (I always use hot rollers - see trick here.) Use a good amount of hairspray too, muss it all up. Hair with product in it is so much more malleable.
Next, twist your hair into a semi-loose bun. Secure it in the mid to low base of your head with a hair tie.

Pull the sides out a bit while keeping the bun intact. This will give the "illusion" of a bob.
Tuck the bun part up under at hat, or if you're not wearing a hat, flip the bun under the "bob" part and secure with pins. (But truth be told, a hat makes it much easier to disguise!)
Finish with some tucks and tweaks but be casual about it. It's a messy undone look. 

Let me know if you try it! xx