Shooting Beauty

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I can't keep my hands off of my camera these days... with so much to shoot and experience in my final days on the east coast, I'm simply in love with all the memories and moments I'm capturing.

H&M lace top.
Floral shorts.
Vintage braided belt - find similar here.
Stretchy lace as headband.
Sunlit train rides...
Seeing (and being in) love...
Uptown fab...
And midtown rides...


  1. you're genius! genius genius genius! xo

  2. Beautiful photos....makes me want to pick up my camera again. It's been ages!!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment, thanks for stopping by. Your blog is lovely, your so passionate about what you write about and your photography is gorgeous. What camera do you use? These photos look like you've used a Diana F+.

    Thanks again and stop by again soon.

    p.s. I want to follow you but there's no link, can I follow you?


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