After Party

Monday, August 30, 2010

Well guys, I did it.  I survived the insanity which was the overly-ambitious, DIY madness, everything must be perfect, horse and pony show that was my daughter's first birthday!
As things began to slow down, and guests said their lovely goodbyes, I was left with a serious sense of pride that I actually pulled this off.
But it wasn't without a few hiccups.
 Points to remember when planning the party of a (one year) lifetime:
  • Things will never go the way you expect them to.
  • Men need specific instructions and To Do Lists in order to be productive.
  • The dress you ordered online won't show up on time. (But breathe because Forever21 will save the day in a pinch- cute right?) ~ Find similar here. 
  • Find an amazing, dependable friend to help, then give her champagne. 
  • Your tiny guest of honor won't remember all the details you think matter so much, and your guests just want to share in the joy, so give yourself some slack. 
  • Eat and try ALL of the food you slaved over.  Even the candy.  You deserve it!
(My gorgeous niece, helping me to not take it all so seriously!)
Check back in tomorrow for more pics and the finished party decorations!