Handwritten with Love

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spare moments are precious and few.
So are old-fashioned love letters.

There is something so romantic about pen to paper, watching your own calligraphy swirl around as thoughts bounce about in your head.

Nobody seems to write them anymore, and that makes me a bit sad, because in my opinion, they are such a beautiful (and dying) art form.

So, amongst all the party planning, and chaotic morning madness, I took a moment today to write a letter to my last participating pen-pal. My Grandfather is a widower living in West Virginia, who's been quite lonely since my Grandmother passed, and doesn't really have much these days (including a computer.) Sometimes I feel like these letters I write to him are just as much for me, as they are for him.

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It's like my spare moment of peace, of zen, of meditation in thought and I know that somehow this old fashioned way of communicating, brings out the best in me as a writer and also as a Granddaughter.

I finished my thoughts, and signed it with love, and somehow became calmer, and clearer headed about my own life, by sharing it with him.

I wish you all a spare moment of peace today.