Thursday, August 5, 2010

How could it be that I'm so lucky?

I had a moment yesterday, driving in my car... on my way from the second great meeting of the week, headed home to a family I adore... working on two great projects with two fantastic women I'm so lucky to call friends... and I couldn't help it, I just smiled.  The big kind.  From ear to ear and from inside out.  The kind of smile that hurts your cheeks and makes you laugh at yourself.  Then that beautiful lump appeared in my throat, and I released a few trickles of happy tears.

There isn't one thing about my life that I would change.  I am completely and utterly blessed.

Sure I have goals, still have dreams, still have to do the daily grind... and I know that life can always throw me a curve ball, shake things up, keep me on my toes.  But for right now, at this moment, I will let myself float away on a balloon ride of grateful.

And I'll be smiling.