Beauty Trick: Gorgeous Gams

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm a fan of the occasional spray tan (best one in L.A. here) but for the days when that's just not possible, I have a trick that keeps my (naturally pasty) legs looking golden, flawless and shimmer-tastic!

  • Mix equal parts of your favorite foundation (it works best if you have a color that's a bit dark for you, such as your summer color, or perhaps a foundation accidentally purchased a shade too dark.)
  • And equal parts of your favorite lotion. I like to use the kind that has a bit of shimmer to it.
  • And a touch (just a touch!) of self tanning cream.
  • Rub on legs as you would regular lotion. Use the remaining on your arms.
  • Wash your hands. Let your legs dry a bit before putting on clothing. They will look flawless!


  1. oh! sun where are you?? :D

  2. Hmm not a bad idea, I guess it depends how expensive your foundation is though ;)

  3. I miss the sun too..its getting very chilly here in MI:(

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  4. I miss the sun!!!!
    But this is a good cheat, if only it wasn't so cold here.

  5. Hi girls! Yes, if your foundation is expensive, you might want to get a basic drugstore kind just for this reason. I have one in my cabinet (that's a shade darker than my usual) just for this trick! You can always lessen the amount of foundation to lotion, for a more subtle effect. I put a dab of foundation in my lotion when wearing a strapless too - it just evens your skin tone a bit. xx

  6. lovely blog<3 with a lot of inspiration :)

    xoxo wanda

  7. Fab tips! Definitely trying this out the next time I head out for a party. :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you left such a sweet comment!
    I'm loving your blog as well, and will make sure to stop by regularly :)
    I too looove adding a little color to my legs, if not I'd look like the pastiest italian there is!

  9. What a great idea! I'll definitely be picking up a cheap foundation to do this!


  10. love it!
    great spurt of inspiration
    your blog is a great collection of different photos
    keep it up, i'll be back for sure!
    come visit COSMICaroline!


  11. Wooowww, wonderful blog. Thanks for your comments. I'll visit you often.


  12. What a great tip! I've heard of putting some tanner in with your lotion, but never adding foundation- I'll have to try that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    xo Kara


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