Dear Santa

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I know it's a bit early to be writing to you, being early November and all... but the thought just crossed my mind that maybe I should write you a letter. How else will you know what I want for Christmas? Here's the short (and the long) of it.  I swear, I've been good.
I'd like classes. Specifically those that will make me better. Photography, photoshop and screenwriting.
I'd like a fantastically awesome portrait lens while you're at it.
I know they're pricey, so I will sacrifice a 2-for-1 (xmas+birthday) gift, even though I have been against this since childhood.
I'd like more music. New stuff that moves me. The desire to dig in and find it, groove to it, and the passionate way I used to enjoy it.
I'd like to see my mother more.
Santa, I'd like my sisters to all be ok. And happy. And know that they are loved every day when they wake up, and every night as they breathe themselves to sleep.
 If you could just make sure that my husband is safe and with me always, I will never ask for anything else.
Except that my baby grow up to be a beautiful, wise, happy, artistic, wind-in-her-hair, eyes-wide-open to the world, heart full of grace, type of woman that I can be proud of.
But mostly, more than anything, I want to be the kind of woman she can be proud of.
Thanks, big guy.

Me xx
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