Scorching in Dogtown

Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't know what's going on here in sunny Southern California... but it's scorching! And we usually get some relief here in Dogtown, livin' by the beach... but nuh uh. Nope. Suck it up, dogs. Winter ain't here yet. (Sigh)
The family and I headed out for a little stroll as soon as the heat broke, but it still felt more like a hot summer's eve, than early November.  I mean, it's practically Christmas!!  It's really frustrating, fashion wise. I packed away all of my summer gear MONTHS ago.
And I refuse, refuse, refuse to be seasonally incorrect, even thought the temperamental weather would like to challenge me to a hot-heated, fashion, melt-down duel.
So we compromised (the weather and I) and made a pact to find some common ground.
I decided to break in my new motorcycle boots and don a super comfy seasonally appropriate tee, while wearing the last remaining pair of shorts in my immediate wardrobe.
And by the time we headed back home, we could finally feel a bit of that ocean breeze... letting us know that relief was on the way.
Here's to New York for Thanksgiving! Where my Stella and I will be able to wear our fuzzy vests and boots with ease!