A Christmas Dinner

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I spent the most lovely evening last night having Christmas dinner with some truly fabulous people.
All the stops were pulled.

Homemade turkey dinner, classic English and American dishes, homemade desserts, presents on our chairs, overflowing champagne...

Laughter, love, and reasons to dress up in my festive vintage gear.
Military jacket, hat & purse - vintage
Inspiration here

Underneath was an excuse to wear a ridiculously sexy red dress I found via thrift a couple of weeks ago.

Not true vintage, just a cool find someone was silly enough to give up.
The hostess (my goddess of a friend) was so glamorous in her couture gown from Paris (that she found crumpled up in a ball at a charity shop for $8!)

It was literally jaw dropping gorgeous. With a draping cape back, elegant neckline, in a flawless silk fabric. ($8!!) See why we're friends?
It was so much fun that the hubs literally had to drag me away. Hope you have somewhere fabulous to go, somewhere soon. Happy holidays, guys. xx

Check back in tomorrow for the winner of the
vintage clutch giveaway!


  1. The dress fits you beautifully! Just love those kinds of finds that make me ask myself...why would someone give this up?!


  2. I love the last picture! Did your handsome husband catch your eye?

    You looked fantastic!

    Happy Holidays darling


  3. You look great... and I'm so curious to see your friend's dress, I'm hoping for a follow-up post :).

  4. You look stunning! The dress, make up everything.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  5. the dress looks like beautifull ;))

  6. Love your red dress! You look lovely, as always! Happy Holiday!

    Liesl :)

  7. Hey there November Grey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I love visitors :-) Yours is quite fab as well. And love your eye for thrift and vintage finds. Gorgeous!!


  8. On the first picture you look like Julianne Moore :) I love red&black&gold combination! It's so glamour and sexy! :) And red dress? You look...it's simply amazing!!

  9. red dresses really are so gorgeous! as if you got that at a thrift shop, what a great find!

  10. that hat is amazing! love the gold accessories too! you remind me of angelina jolie! =)


  11. Thank you for your nice comment :) And I love this outfit, the dress fits you soooo well. And the photos are good too :D

  12. Red is most def your color! Gorgeous.
    Enjoy xmas with your fam!

  13. That dress is amazing!You look great!
    Enjoy your holidays!:)

  14. Great dress. Looks amazing on you. I am sure they gave it up cause they couldn't fit in it anymore. Great find for you.

  15. wow i love the dress! super pretty!

  16. What a beautiful find, that dress is amazing


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